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How We Help eCommerce Brands Lower Their Customer Acquisition Costs & Scale Profitably Using RootFlow

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Some Results...

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Time Frame: 28 Days
Ad Spend: $1,524.03
Ad Revenue: $12,655.55
Avg. ROAS: 8.32x

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Time Frame: 60 Days
Ad Spend: $7,205.46
Ad Revenue: $23,020.34
Avg. ROAS: 3.29x

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Time Frame: 5 Months
Ad Spend: €​37,856.98 ($44,761.15)
Ad Revenue: €238,747.52 ($282,289.10)
Avg. ROAS: 5.12x

Jewellery&Ecom Results_edited.jpg

Time Frame: 6 Months
Ad Spend: kr270,505.15 ($31,478.44)
Ad Revenue: kr2,538,441.04 ($295,396.10)
Avg. ROAS: 9.38x

Meet the Founder

This is Henry, he is the founder of and combined with his team, they have over 13 years of experience in the industry.

They've worked across multiple industries from beauty, tech, fitness, fashion and home accessories more... 


What's your price?

Our prices are based on your KPIs. To book a call, click here

We charge a retainer for creatives and a percentage of your ad spent for ad management.

Do I need to pay for creators separately?

Creator costs are included in our packages. You'll have access to our network of over 500 creators that consistently put out high-quality and engaging content.

What's your guarantee?

If we don't add 40% to your bottom line after 90 days of working with us, we work for free until we do.

Do I qualify to work with RootFlow?

To work with us you must be spending or committed to spending $10k on paid ads per month. This is not an offer for new brands or people that hope to become rich overnight.

We are looking for growth partners we can build long-term relationships with.

Let's See if It's a Fit