Scale Your Landscaping Business with Qualified Property Walks, Guaranteed.

A completely done-for-you marketing solution, so you can focus on selling projects. You will receive 90+ qualified property walks in 12 weeks, guaranteed! Click the button below to claim your area.

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Automate Your Marketing, Book More Property Walks, And Close More Deals!

The Old Way

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With RootFlow

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We only accept one client per area*

Why RootFlow?

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We focus on the roots of your business' acquisition and let the appointments flow into your calendar.

Pack Your Calendar With 30+ Qualified Property Walks In 16 Weeks Or Less Using Our Three-Pillar Process

Gain Massive Awareness And A Boatload Of Quality Leads With Local Authority Campaign

Before Leadjolt™, real estate agents were forced to network, beg for referrals, or use the hope and pray method to run online ads.

Now, our team of experts generate exclusive contacts using custom and compelling social media ads. These ads are hyper-targeted to your service area attracting interested real estate clients.

Contact Every Lead On Autopilot And Book More Appointments Using Two-Point Nurture

Before Leadjolt™, agents spent thousands of dollars on online leads, just to spend all of their time and effort follow up, with hopes of conversion.

Now, we take the burden of nurture and follow up out of your hands. Turn contacts into life-long relationships using text and email nurture.

Meet With Leads Actively Looking For An Agent Using A Live Sales Assistant

Before Leadjolt™, if you wanted booked appointments, you had to spend loads of money and time training an inside sales agent to call and schedule appointments.

Now, we take the burden (and cost) off your plate with our live sales assistants. We call each contact generated up to 12 times, and only book appointments with the ones that are ready, willing, and able.

We only accept one client per area*

Everything You Need to Grow Your Landscaping Business