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The days of high ad costs are over. Now you can enjoy the golden era of advertising all over again and make your brand more profitable...

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Why TikTok?

1.  Facebook ad costs are increasing consistently while less people log into their platforms daily. Essentially, you're paying more for a platform that's dying instead of growing.


2.  TikTok's ad costs are the lowest you'll see, they are 60-70% lower than Facebook. This means lower CACs and more profits for you and your brand.

TikTok is growing, fast! You can find audiences within any demographic, background, or psychographic. Plus, there's infinite ways of showcasing your product!

Why RootFlow?

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We focus on the roots of your business' paid acquisition and let the profits flow into your bank account.




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In other words, We have some experience under our belt.

You can trust that we've been through most scenarios when it comes to eCommerce.

Did you run out of inventory? 📦 We've gone through it. ✅
Your COGS went through the roof? 📈 Been there. ✅
Your ad account got banned? ⛔️ Yup, that's a walk in the park... ✅

For any crazy thing that might happen, we'll be there to help...

Here's more about what we do 👇


That Sell

"maKe TiKtOks, nOt aDS" is not something we follow, it' not the way. Instead, our creators & editors know exactly how to craft creatives that drive customers all the way to the purchase with ease.


That Convert

What works on Facebook won't work on TikTok. After spending millions on ads, we know how to ensure your success. Our ad buying process relies heavily on in-depth creative testing & analysis.




Team of

To truly achieve outstanding results a repeatable process isn't enough. To supplement our battle-tested frameworks, we become obsessed with our clients to understand their brand like the back of our hand.

Next Steps


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Speak with us and see if our offer is right for your brand.

We'll walk you through:
  • Strategies that can work for your brand.
  • Our systems & processes​.
  • Our case studies.

The hardest part of working with a creative agency is the wait. You pay upwards of $8,000 and then have to wait almost 2.5 months to get your assets.

With us, you'll get your assets within 2-3 weeks, guaranteed.

You'll always have your creatives ready to go in time for launch.
Once you have your creative assets on hand and the ads are ready for launch our ad account managers will take care of you.

They'll be in touch daily through our Slack channel with <24hr response times as well as weekly check-ins to keep you in the loop about everything and scale your brand with ease. 

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